Brunch from 9am - 2pm

Reservations Available

Open Seating Also





(Take Out & Catering too)


FRESH Hand Crafted In-House made 

Cakes, Cookies, Gift Boxes

Chocolates are Back!!!

Pre- Order for Home / Giving

Party Planning!!
Private Parties on Sundays 2:30 - 5:30
(up to 55 guests)
Semi Private Parties
(up to 25 or 30 guest - schedule permitting)
(local delivery for pre-orders over $200)
Gift Certificates Available

Fresh Wild Caught Mahi Mahi
Fresh Wild Caught Cod
Our Meals are now 90% Organic  

All our produce is Organic as is our Hamburger, Chicken Cheeses,  all Produce & Dairy and Most Breads  

All Seafood is Wild Caught! 

Pork is Hormone Free / Antibiotic Free
and Nitrate Free...

Thank you Sankanac CSA at Camphill,
Kimberton Hills,  for a season of
Great Seasonal Produce!!
Thank you Seven Stars Dairy for Heavy Cream, Yogurt, Cheddar Cheese and Swiss Cheese!
Thank you Green Lion Breads for some of our delicious Organic Local Breads
     We Strive to Accommodate many Dietary Needs

(lots of Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free options.  Our oils are GMO-free Canola, GMO-Free Palm and Organic Olive.) 

There may be peanuts on property.  There are tree nuts!

We do your best to prevent cross contamination

Servers & Cooks 
(Talented Person could do Both)


The vision for the Station Bistro in Historic Kimberton, was one of a "gathering place”.  A place where one always feels welcome and comfortable was at the core of the dream; whether stopping for coffee and cake, or staying to relax with friends and family.

 I opened the Bistro in October of 2007, with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the dining industry. With this in mind, I have developed high standards for both quality of food and excellent service.  At the Station Bistro we serve nutritious, wholesome foods for your entire family. I have chosen Organic and GMO-Free ingredients and prepare each dish we serve to order.  We take pride in trying to accommodate every dining need.

I am  confident that you will enjoy all your meals from Station Bistro - whether you take them home, or dine with us, and we look forward to the pleasure of your company.

- Nancy Dill 

 In order to provide the best guest service possible, all parties of 6 or more will be on a single check. 

Parties of 6 or more will have a 20% gratuity added. 

Due to Increases in Liquor Liability
Insurance, We will be Charging a $1
Glass Fee for Guests Drinking
Alcoholic Beverages. 

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